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You have begun to understand your luminaries, planets, angles, points and the signs they are in. Now you will continue working with the signs, this time focusing on their connection to your astrological Houses. The houses are a way of dividing the chart into 12 sections, all of which represent different areas and concepts of life. The sign in which these areas fall will affect them in different ways.

-Place your Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth House cards into position.


-Using your chart and personal placement sheet, find what sign your Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth House are in and pull the corresponding Sign card for each.


-Add the Element and Modality cards that are shown on each of the Sign cards pulled.


-Open to the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth pages in your Alterlife Journal. Combine and analyze the keywords and concepts on your cards and take notes. You will come back to each of these pages, but this will begin your basic understanding of your houses and the signs they're in. Make sure to note the planet that is on the Sign card you pull for every house. This planet is considered the ruler of that sign and therefor the ruler of that house in your chart.


Ex: For Eleventh House in Taurus you would place the House card for the Eleventh House, then pull the Sign card for Taurus. This card will indicate the element and modality that corresponds to Taurus (in this case the element is Earth, the modality is Fixed). This combination of cards will give you an initial understanding of the Eleventh House in the sign of Taurus placement. Since the ruling planet for Taurus is Venus, in this case the Eleventh House would be “ruled by” Venus.

Note: This is just one part of your natal chart. There can be other factors that completely over power or contradict the above information. If something doesn’t resonate at all, it is very possible you have an emphasis on another, opposing area in your chart. As you continue to break down your various placements, it will all fall into place.

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