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    To begin the process of understanding your natal chart you must first understand what you are even looking at. When you look up a chart you are usually presented this information on the astrology wheel. To a complete newcomer this wheel is usually a confusing diagram full of lines, symbols, angles and numbers. Trying to understand the 3D mechanics of what the wheel is showing you in the 2D is a lot to grasp, so I will try to visually set the scene for you.


    We all know that scientifically speaking, the sun is the center of our solar system. For envisioning what it means when you are told you have “the Sun in Libra”, or “Venus in Aquarius”, you have to switch your point of view to a geocentric (or earth centric) one. As a human on earth this is, by default, also a self centric view of the solar system and universe. 


    Now that you are at the center of it all, we move onto the next and most important factor: understanding, accepting and believing that these planets, stars and other celestial bodies can and do have an affect on us here on earth. This is where some people tend to become skeptical or have a hard time “believing in” astrology. To that I would simply point out the sun and it’s obvious affects on us as evidence that it is not only possible, but happening every day. As far away as the sun is, do you not feel its warmth on your skin? Wether you can see the rays, touch them or even understand how they work, they are there. The moon will move the tides like clockwork every day. All of which is not dependent on your belief or understanding of it.


    This should be enough to, at the very least, open your mind to the possibility that these objects are able to have some affect on you. Despite their distance, despite the fact you cannot necessarily see it happening, there is possible contact being made. With this understanding in place we continue.

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