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    Now, we know that the universe did not actually freeze when we were born. Everything continued on as it always does. But the idea behind your chart is that somehow these placements and combinations at that moment in time are what make you, you. That frozen in time or not, they all imprinted on you and play a significant role in the person you will be. 


    This is not to say that your chart will predict your future or has any control over you and your decisions. This in no way takes away your ability to choose the things you do and the life you lead. Consider these to be the starting points, the ingredients, the celestial DNA, the star filled computer code of you. 


    As you go through your chart you will look into the various placements and what they mean. What does the location and combination of your Sun and the sign it’s in mean in regards to who you are? How will the combination of a certain planet in a certain house show itself? You will come to see that the various details of your chart will cover a whole spectrum of personality traits, mental and emotional functions or behaviors, areas of your life and more. You will get an idea of your communication style, of your temperament, areas of interest, strengths and gifts, flaws and challenges. 


    This is not a quick process. You will not understand your whole chart over night. In fact, the longer you look into it the more you’ll realize that you will always find a new detail or layer of interest or use to you.

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