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    But what is the point? If this is true and these celestial bodies actually have any affect on you, why look into them. If it is not even predicting a guaranteed future, why bother? The answer to that is that it gives you a place to begin. A starting point for self exploration and personal reflection. An (almost) clear layout of yourself on all levels.


    To some it is considered to be a literal guide to your soul’s plans, lessons and purpose for this life. A plan concocted by your past self, your own soul, before you were even born. A plan full of ups and downs for your own growth, all of which you chose for yourself with the belief that you were capable of it all in this current incarnation. A very spiritual way to look at it, but not the only way and not necessarily needed to continue. 


    To others, breaking down their natal chart is more of a psychological exercise. It’s as simple and non-spiritual as any personality quiz online. It is done solely for the sake of better understanding yourself. Whatever your beliefs, reasons or approach you are almost guaranteed to benefit from it.

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