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    This process of breaking down the various parts of yourself and beginning to understand all of their underlying ingredients is not going to happen over night. You can take in plenty in even just one sitting, but it is meant to be an ongoing process. You are not meant to be an expert of astrology and your natal chart right away, if ever. 


    This should be a task that you take on at your own pace, in your own way. And ideally, it should be something you will genuinely want to continue. There are always new layers and connections to be made, and the act of looking into them will likely be therapeutic and enlightening. There will be endless sources with endless interpretations of what the various placements of your chart could mean. 


    My hope is that you will use your deck and journal to take notes as you make your way through many, many sources. The more the better, because you never know whose delivery or explanation will resonate and make things click for you. When it comes to something as ancient, complex and somewhat intangible as astrology, there is always something to gain and no harm in hearing varied interpretations. 

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