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    Reaching the point where you are able to be clear, honest, and fully aware of who you are is how you become somewhat invincible. When you truly know and believe in your best qualities, no one can take them from you or convince you otherwise. When you already know your worst flaws and greatest weaknesses, no one can throw them in your face or use them against you. When you KNOW what you want for yourself and are firm in what you value, no one can sway you or lead you astray. 


     So although your chart will not solve your problems, erase the past, or even guarantee a perfect future - it will show you that you are capable of doing this yourself. It will bring you something to work with. It will give you a handle on it all, to the point that everything just feels a bit better. Even the bad begins to have its purpose. The good provides you with more than it once did. And even the once insignificant in-betweens begin to have significance. 


    Wether you choose to approach this from a spiritual, psychological, or just-for-fun point of view, you will learn and grow from it. Take it as deep or as surface level as you would like. Whichever you choose, you will slowly but surely, consciously or unconsciously, begin to alter you life.

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