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-Begin by opening to the first page of your AlterLife Journal.


-Fill in your name, birthdate, birth time and birth location.


-Continue to the next page in your journal. This will be your reference sheet for your personal placements. This will essentially be the written, listed version of what is represented on the astrology wheel (Image 2).

-Fill in the Planets, Houses and Points sections with the information from your chart.

Example: Based on pictured Natal Chart


Sun: in Capricorn - 5th House

Moon: in Virgo - 12th House

Mercury: in Capricorn - 5th House

Venus: in Capricorn - 5th House

Mars: in Cancer - 11th House


First: in Virgo

Second: in Libra

Third: in Scorpio


Ascendant: in Virgo - 1st House

Descendant: in Pisces - 7th House

North Node: in Gemini - 10th House

South Node: in Sagittarius - 4th House

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