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First, you will need your natal chart itself. 

There are many resources online that will generate your chart for you. For the most accurate information you will need the following:

Birth Date, Birth Location and Birth Time.

You are still able to generate a chart without an exact birth time. But for the most accurate results and further detail, the birth time is essential.

Your astrology chart will look like the circular diagram pictured here.

Natal Chart Calculators



IMPORTANT: There are many systems of astrology. Although similar, there can be differences in techniques. These differences can sometimes slightly change the details of your chart. 

There is no wrong or right system. I suggest using an online calculator that generates a list comparing the results of your natal chart and how they may vary from system to system. (Sample Pictured)

Often, the results are the same. Occasionally, there are slight variations.

This approach allows you to move forward knowing you are using the most relevant and accurate information, without having to commit to any specific astrology system just yet.

Chart Comparison Calculators



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